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Southampton were not up to par with a high flying arsenal team who hit 4 in the first half with the first goal coming from the brilliant play by Lukas Podolski who won the ball 40 yards from goal, and slips Gibbs through on the left, his shot was blocked by Kevin Davis but it deflects off Jos Hooiveld legs into the net. Second goal come from Steven Davis giving away a silly free-kick. Lukas Podolski stepped up and bends a left-footed shot up and over the wall, leaving Kevin Davis no chance as it finds the net. The ball ended up high and central, but such was the swerve and pace on the ball. The third goal come from Yao Gervinho finds the bottom corner after Mikel Arteta chips a great through ball over the defenders for the Ivorian who had time to find a finish which he lashed confidently in at the near post. Once again disaster for Southampton, Yao Gervinho runs at the back line yet again, and finds Kieran Gibbs, whose cross deflects wickedly off Nathaniel Clyne in the net. china nfl jerseys



We received this tidbit this past weekend from a scooper that claims to have first-hand knowledge about which late night talk show host will be on the next SIMPSONS DVD set providing commentary. It isn't Mr. Letterman, and it isn't Mr. Leno. Think tall, red-haired and Irish and you've got your man!"Longtime site reader, here's my tidbit. I think its a good one. Try to keep it short and sweet. Conan O'Brien was in TO to do 4 shows. blah blah blah. getting my ticket signed after the show . blah blah blah. since I'm a hardcore simpsons geek/O'Brien fan / commentary track addict as he's signing my ticket I manage to yell over the crowd 'Hey are you doing the Simpsons Season 4 commentary tracks?' 'Yeah, we recorded them last week.''Monorail?''Yeah, Monorail!' 'Nice!'I think that's good to know, I've been hoping to hear O'Brien on the commentary tracks since I heard the sets were annouced way back when. nfl jerseys china



It is hard to imagine a more subjective kind of list to make. One person's "cool" is another's "lame," but there is enough variety in the following list for most everyone to find a few new, interesting places to visit. The sites cover the whole Internet menu, from info mining, sharing and filtering to buying, learning and just plain looking around. Even among the cool sites, you can pick some long-term winners by noting which site names are turning into verbs - "I'll Skype you after I do some Flickr-ing" - but even then, there is room for at least one math nerd and some homemade arts and crafts. The Internet Archive is embarked on an historic mission (as it occasionally reminds you) to back up everything that has ever been, or ever will be, on the Internet. Library of Congress polls the Flickr "hive mind" as it organizes and tags its own collection of photographs. nfl football jerseys